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Urb - W2DEC

Urb LeJeune, W2DEC

urb-pat.jpg Urb, W2DEC, was born at a very young age and almost immediately became interested in ham radio. After learning the Morse Code at age 2, Urb mastered the tricycle and as soon as he got his license, he went tricycle-mobile. He became W2DEC in 1949 while a high school sophomore. This was in the days before a novice license.

Urb is one of the founding members of the NJDXA and its first Vice President. How times have changed. When the NJDXA was founded in 1957 Urb was only 26 and he was not the youngest member in the club.

Urb was DX editor of CQ Magazine for many years and was one country off the top of the honor roll in 1964. The missing country was Heard Island which he subsequently worked. That means he heard Heard. That is his version of "Worked Them All."

Urb's most memorable achievement is that he was the only member of the NJDXA to work both AC5 (Bhutan) and CR10 (Portugese Timor) before DXpeditions went there.

Urb and his station around 1960


W2DEC Station around 1960