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Ron K2CO

Ron Levy K2CO (SK)

ron.jpg Ron Levy became an NJDXA member in 1980, having attended many meetings during the 1970s. The DX Bug had bitten when Ron befriended Arnie Freeman, W2YD. For a number of years, Ron was inactive on the ham bands due to school, the military, and starting a family. In the mid 1970s, a complete overhaul of Ron's station was necessary but the funds were not available for new equipment at that time. One evening, while at Arnie's shack helping with the QSL card sorting, Ron and Arnie were discussing an updated transmitter. Ron was using an old Johnson Viking II for CW only. It ran 100 watts or so which certainly did not create an outstanding signal Furthermore, there was no SSB capability. So, Arnie made Ron an offer. Arnie needed new dentures. Ron was a dentist. Arnie had a Hallicrafters HT-32 available. The trade was made. Arnie got his dentures and Ron got his HT-32. The funniest part was that even though Arnie had no problems with the dentures, he wore them in his pocket more than in his mouth. Ron told him that if he knew Arnie was going to wear the dentures in his pocket, he would have taken an impression of the pocket rather than of the mouth. Arnie wore his "teeth" when he was out in public. When he was at home, the dentures came out, went into the pocket, and a cigar was stuffed between Arnie's upper and lower gums.

The HT-32 transmitter gave Ron the opportunity to get on SSB and to work a few more countries. The power limitation and the antenna system were major hurdles that had to be overcome. Bill Rawson, K2AX and Arnie, W2YD scrounged around and found enough parts to build a linear amplifier and power supply. The amp was built as a cooperative effort between the three men and the result was a 2-band amp - for 20 and 40 meters. It ran about 600 watts. By this time, Ron invested in a tower and a HyGain TH6DXX yagi. The combination of a bit of power and a decent antenna gave Ron the ability to be at least somewhat competitive in a pile up. Being determined to achieve Honor Roll status, Ron built his DXCC totals slowly but surely. In 1991 he was awarded the #1 Honor Roll plaque for Top of the Honor Roll Phone and CW Mixed. Since that time, several additional entities have been added to the DXCC List. Ron has worked all of these as well and holds a more recent Top of the Honor Roll plaque.

Ron became a SK unexpectedly in November 2009 and he is sorely missed by all who knew him.