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Howard, W2AGW

Howard Wolfe, W2AGW (SK)

howie-4-28-95.jpg Howie, W2AGW, is one of the founders of the North Jersey DX Association and its first Secretary/Treasurer. W2AGW rested atop the DXCC Honor Roll for many years. He was proud to be the "Last Man Standing" at the South West Ohio DX Association's DX Dinner in Dayton every year. Howie had 391 DXCC entities to his credit before he became a silent key on December 9, 2002.

In the 1950s, Howie worked as sales manager for Harrison Radio, one of the classier electronics stores on Lower Broadway in the Radio Row section of New York City. He became famous for "chasing the kids" away from the Collins gear on display in the show room.

W2AGW Goes Phone

In the early days of the NJDXA, the club decided to enter the ARRL DX Contest as a club. Individual members including W2AGW, W2BXA, and W2JT frequently won prizes in the contest in the single op division. The first year we competed, we were disappointed because we didn't win first place among the clubs. The Northern California DX Club put us to shame. Not to be outdone, it was decided to get more out of the super stations by converting them to multi-op facilities. We added new antennas and in the case of W2AGW, we added phone capability. Howie had only operated CW and didn't even own a microphone! The die was cast: Convert W2AGW to a multi-op station and add phone to his equipment.

One Saturday afternoon, W2JT, W2HTI and W2DEC descended on the W2AGW shack loaded with modulation equipment. The task force, headed by W2JT because of his Broadcast Band expertise (chief engineer at WPAT), spent the better part of the day attaching AM phone equipment to Howie's rig (Pair of RK65s)in a six foot rack. At one point, it looked like the place was over run by the Keystone Cops when W2DEC blew an RK65 because he forget to disconnect the grid leak (it was on the side of the tube) before turning the tube in its socket to take it out. Urb did this twice and was surprised Howie didn't shoot him.

Fast forward to the Friday night beginning of the contest. With about 10 minutes to go before the start, CO2BL had a huge signal just inside the edge of the band. As the clock changed to 00:00 GMT, Urb, with W2AGW observing, called CO2BL. He came back to a W1, then a W3, and to add insult to injury, a nondescript W2. Finally Carlos said :There is a station in there calling me who is S9+40DB but your modulation is S2. The modulation transformer had a shorted secondary.

Howie and Urb then retired to the kitchen to eat a weekend's worth of food and put a good dent in Howie's liquor cabinet stash.

The story ends with the NJDXA winning the contest that year.