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Dave W2PK

Dave Monfried W2PK

monfried--dave-72.jpg Dave Monfried W2PK

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Iíve been a member of NJDXA since the mid-70ís. Ted Marks, W2FG (SK) introduced me to the Club right around the time I was getting active in the hobby again, having started my career and family, then building a Heathkit SB-102 and hanging some wire antennas.
My uncle Gabe , though he was never a ham, ignited my interest in the hobby. He had been one of the first Navy radar instructors in WW2 and post-War worked as a repairman for anything electrical. He had an out-building on his farm in Cape May County, containing all sorts of radios, TVs, and other wondrous gizmos. His collection included a Hallicrafters S38C and an S40A. He promised me the S38C if I passed the Novice test and the S40A for the General. I became WV2ERJ in April 1959 and WA2ERJ later that year, at age 13. For old-timers and boat anchor-lovers reading this, my early (1959-1962) radios were a Gonset Communicator III for 6m, a Harvey Wells Bandmaster, Viking Adventurer, National NC -98, and Heathkit Seneca.
My Elmer was a friend my age who, with his brother, had been licensed when they were about 10 or 11 y.o. Ė Dave Mackey, W2TND (now K1KA). Interestingly, heís also been the Elmer for one my kids, Danny, W2FZ. They both live in the beautiful town of Bedford, NH, and Dave has again been extremely helpful to a Monfried!
I can draw a straight line from my teenage interest in ham radio directly to my seemingly unrelated career. It goes like this: Ham radio->campus radio station->interest in news->major in journalism->broadcast radio->career in public relations, advertising, etc. Thank you, amateur radio for a wonderful professional career!
Over the years, Iíve accumulated my share of the usual DX awards Ė 5BDXCC, Honor Roll, 320+ worked on both CW and SSB, etc. Thanks to encouragement from Ted, W2FG, I became interested in RTTY a few years ago, and have around 225 confirmed. In these days of poor DX conditions, with that low RTTY country (ooops, entity) count, at least thereís always the possibility of snagging a new one on RTTY.
Iím fortunate to have two sons now licensed. In addition to Dan, my 17 year old, Gabe, is W7GCM. Heís occasionally active, but heís also a high school senior, so the hobby faces more than a few competing interests. Our station consists of an ICOM 7800, IC-7000, Alpha 87A, and a 3 el. SteppIr at 60 feet. Iím looking hard at the Flex 5000Öonce I quit my current commute between New York City (work) and Bellevue, WA (home), Iíll take the plunge in the world of software-defined radio. Is there any doubt thatís where the hobby is headed?