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Bob W2LV

Bob Morris, W2LV (SK)

bob-morris-w2lv-sk.jpg Bob Morris was a charter member of the NJDXA. For many years Bob was the Chief Engineer for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) He designed the first TV antenna tower on top of the Empire State Building.

A true radio pioneer, Bob Morris was at the receiving end of the third transatlantic radio test conducted by Marconi in 1901. Bob was also acquainted with Edwin Armstrong, inventor of FM. Through the years, Bob never stopped learning and experimenting. He was one of the first NJDXA members to acquirte a computer in the 1980s and he held Certificate Number 2 for DXCC via satellite.

Memoirs of an Early Day Broadcaster

w2lv1.jpg Article written for Spark Gap Times by Bob Morris W2LV in 1968