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Bill NA2M

Bill Hellman NA2M

bill-na2m.jpg Bill has been licensed since June 7, 1946. His original call sign was W2PQZ and later NA2M. For a short time he held the call W2UD, but reverted back to NA2M. Bill was born in the Bronx in 1929. He graduated from Samuel Gompers Vocational H.S. with a Radio Diploma. Other currently active classmates were Larry-W2PCJ (W2AX - SK), and Lenny-W2OVC (K5OVC). He also attended Westchester Community College. Bill was nominated for membership in NJDXA by W2JB and W2DIE (SK). Bill is a senior member and past secretary and president of NJDXA. He is also a past secretary and president of the Order of Boiled Owls of New York. Bill retired from Nynex (Verizon) in 1985 after a 35-year career in various craft and management positions. Bill is a widower and resident of Mohegan Lake NY.

The Boiled Owls

the-boiled-owl-1923.jpg The December 1923 cover of QST was probably the inspiration for the name of two contest clubs; The Boiled Owls of Ohio and the Boiled Owls of New York circa 1957. The NY club was founded by two members of the Ohio club after
they were transferred to Long Island NY by their company. Bill - NA2M became a member of the New York club in 1988, nominated by W2AO (SK). The Boiled Owls of New York is still an active contest club with a membership of 14. Members are active in CW, SSB and RTTY contests. The Ohio club is no longer active.

IARU Champion

iaru-certificate-for-bill-na2m.jpg NA2M achieved First Place in the Eastern New York Division in the 2008 IARU Contest. Bill was entered in the Single Operator Mixed Mode High Power Class. His Certificate of Operating Achievement arrived in July 2009.