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Welcome to the NJDXA DX Reflector Page

The DX News Reflector

The North Jersey DX Association is please to continue the administration of the DX-Reflector started and managed so well by Lyndon Nerenberg, VE7TCP.

This list is for the discussion of DX related matters only. It is not a list for the general discussion of ham radio, there are other lists and usenet news groups for that purpose.

Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory! If you fail to follow the guidelines, as discussed in the DX News Frequently Asked Questions, you will immediately, and permanently, be removed for the list.

Coming soon the DX Tips/DXpedition Page. The page is maintained by Bill Hellman, NA2M.

Subscribing to DX News

The DX News reflector currently has about 1,500 subscribers in almost 100 countries. You can subscribe, or unsubscribe to either the DX News or DX Chat reflectors using the form on the bottom of any page on the NJDXA website.

To unsubscribe or subscribe to this list. Please send a message to:


In the message body put either

unsubscribe dx-news


subscribe dx-news

DX Chat

The NJDXA also maintains a second reflector that is for a more casual discussion of DX matters. It's called DX Chat and any and all discussions related to DX are encouraged.
The DX Chat Page

Feedback - Inquiring Minds Want to Know

We want to know what you think. Your opinions and ideas are important to us. Let us know how we can help you. If you have an idea, or a problem, please use our feedback form we'll see it get to the right person. Give us your e-mail address and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
NJDXA Feedback Form