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DXCC Countries List & Personalized Beam Headings

DXCC Countries List & Personalized Beam Headings

The North Jersey DX Association is pleased to provide personalized beam heading centered on your location to every entity on the DXCC list.


The latitude and longitude of your location can be selected using one of two methods:

  1. Enter any latitude/longitude in the spaces provided, or,
  2. Enter your zip code if you reside in the United States.

Enter your latitude and longitude in decimal format, use negative numbers for south latitudes or east longitudes.

To illustrate, 35.06 N latitude and 89.65 W longitude is entered as 35.06 and 89.65 respectively.

Enter Your Latitude:   Longitude:

Or, Enter Your Zip Code:

Calculate Distances in: Miles:     Kilometers:

Sort list by: Prefix:     Country:     Continent:     CQ Zone:

If you would like your listing personalized, enter the following fields.

Your Name:

Your Call:

Your Location if
Coordinates Supplied:

Send comments and suggestions to Urb W2DEC