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The AC4RF Story

ac4rf-qsl.jpg The story of Bob Ford, AC4RF and how he operated from Tibet, was captured by the Chinese and played a role in the attempt by Tibet at independence from China.

Wind Between the Worlds is the story of the 1950 Chinese invasion of Tibet to get Robert Ford, AC4RF, a British ham radio operator who was living in Tibet. Wind Between the Worlds is the truly amazing real life story of the beginning of the end of a Free Tibet.

The paperback edition of Wind Between the Worlds is available from for $12.95. We will present only the story relating to our own member, Howard Wolfe, W2AGW who considered his contact with AC4F to be his crowning achievement in chasing DX.

Howard Wolfe, W2AGW (SK)

In the years before the founding of the NJDXA, there were a number of intrepid DXers living in the New York - New Jersey area. Commercial transmitters were essentially not available unless one happened to have a lot of money and could afford such a luxury. So, like the other DX-Hounds of the time, Howard built his own transmitter. Using slop-jar rectifiers and scrounged parts, Howard assembled what would later become know as Big Bertha. He installed a Yagi for 20 meters, his favorite band. It is said that Howard never owned a microphone. All his contacts were on CW. In later years, he did, in fact, have a microphone and he made many SSB contacts including the last contact of his life - with P5/4L4FN. Howard always felt that his contact with AC4RF was his crowning achievement in DXing.

The Back of the AC4RF card