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So You Want to be a Member


Subscribing to our QSL Bureau does not mean that you are a member of the North Jersey DX Association. Although we welcome anyone who is interested in DXing to our meetings, there are some basic requirements for membership. If you feel that you qualify and would like to be a member of one of the premier DX organizations of the world, then you should read on.

In 1957 our founding members established the ethical and moral standards of good DX operating procedures. All members are expected to uphold these principles and to promote friendship and good will between DXers.

Membership Requirements

A prospective member must attend several meetings in order to become acquainted with the current members. Candidates for full membership must be proposed for by two existing member sponsors. The requirements are:

A strong interest in DXing
Membership in the ARRL
Membership in DXCC (minimum of 100 entities)
Willingness to participate in the work of the QSL Bureau
Willingness to attend meetings and other club events
Willingness to serve on committees when called upon

The sponsors will provide the candidate with a membership aplication that will be circulated among the members. After a personal interview by members of the Membership Committee, the candidate will be proposed for membership.

Other Membership Categories

There are additional membership categories for candidates who do not or can not fulfill the requirements for full membership. For example, you may want to be associated with the NJDXA but do not yet have your DXCC Certificate. Under such circumstances, you can apply for Associate Membership. Associate members are expected to serve on committees if called upon but there is no requirement to serve the QSL Bureau unless such service is agreed upon. Finally, there is an Affiliate Membership category for those who live far away from our area and wish to be more closely affiliated with the NJDXA. For example, an Affiliate Member could be someone who comes to our Hospitality Suite in Dayton every year and help out with the chores.

Details of the various categories of membership are available by contacting one of the members of the Executive Committee or our Membership Chairman, Greg Nitkowski, N2BSA. See contact information on this web site.