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Free Email Reminder & Notification Service - Never Forget An Important Date Again.

Free Email Reminder and Notification Service

There is no reason to forget a birthday, anniversary , or any other important date. We'll help you remember with our free reminder service! Just fill in the following information and you'll be on your way to never again forgetting an important date!

  • The reminder service is FREE!
  • Simply create a reminder and on your selected date we will email you, or someone you designate, the message you compose.
  • If you send the reminder to someone else you also receive a copy.
  • Reminder messages are send at shortly after 3 AM East Coast US Time.
  • To prevent abuse of our mail system you must register before using the server.
  • Once registered you can have as many reminders as you choose.
  • Need help? See the Reminder Window for details.
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